Friday, June 3, 2011


Salzeburg(Were they made the sound of music) It was freezing

We went to church in Austria it was awesome


Another Castle. Austria was beautiful I liked it alot


BMW Rick's dream car

Of course Pastry's in every country

The Best Meal ever. Rational (Buisness visit)

Consentration Camp I couldnt deside weather to smile or frown. It truthfully made me sick.


Italy was my Favorite. The food, and Gelato(ice cream) the best

Trevi Fountain

Spanish steps


Colosium. and of course fun shopping

Friday, May 27, 2011


Pauls Cafe' yummy pastry's

Steak and Fries so good. They bring you half your meal and then the other half hot.

The Louve some amazing Statues, and Painting

Effle Tower glows at dark and twinkles at 10:00

Nortre Dome Very cool on the outside, Creepy on inside.


Wicked, Buckingham palace, winsor castle, and big ben. plus of course fun shopping.

Westminaster Abby

Les Miserables

Winsor Castle

Tower of london

Monday, February 28, 2011

KaraLyn and Rick

Hyatt Family Pictures

This is the Hyatt Family spring 2010. This yr Preston has been wrestling and playing basketball. Faith has been taking Gymnastics and loves every min. Rick is still getting his mba at BYU. I am just loving raising my kids and doing Hair waiting for rick to be done so I have a husband again.